All the prints are done at a professional lab using only professional-grade photo paper that is of the highest quality.

printing and finishing


Print quality matters. And it varies more than most people realise, depending on the paper, the lab, the printing process and the handling of the image throughout.

Your family portraits are intended as memories to last a lifetime. So, we pay attention to the small details and work with the best suppliers to ensure the final photographs meet archival standards and are resilient to fading / discolouration over time.

All the prints are done at a professional lab using only professional-grade photo paper that is of the highest quality. The prints are done using a traditional emulsion process, the way film prints have always been made. We personally inspect each image and reprint until we are 100% satisfied.

Prints can be made on matte, glossy or metallic paper, in sizes from 4×6″ through 30×40″ and beyond.


Beautifully printed photos deserve to be displayed well … the right placement, the right size, the right mount or frame, and the right finishing.

Today’s art environment allows for an exciting new range of options for displaying your photographs, not just framing. Because there are so many details, the choices can sometimes be overwhelming, so we’ve reduced the offerings to ones we believe suit our clients, the style of photography, and the display environments.

All the mounting is done in an archival environment, so your images are handled with care throughout and, if you continue to handle them with care, your memories will last for generations. Please contact us for more details of the options available.


Bespoke framing is also available, allowing you full flexibility to define the image size and ratio; the mat colour, size and detailing; and the frame colour, shape and detailing. A host of different frame shapes and widths are available, and the wood can be stained to match other frames or wood in your home, as part of a truly bespoke service. As with mounting, framing is done in an archival environment with high quality materials, ensuring the beauty and longevity of your prints.

Other products

We also offer a range of other products, including holiday cards and announcement cards; professionally printed photo books; and extra keepsake CDs. Please ask about these at the photo session or when you place your order.