We want to bring out the beauty and essence of our subjects, not create it through software.

post production


After the portrait session, we work with the images to produce a series of ‘proofs’ for you to review. These are not yet final images, but a moderate amount of processing will be done so you can easily see what the final image will look like.

The number of proofs is entirely dependent on the shoot, and a lower number of proofs doesn’t necessarily indicate a less successful shoot — sometimes, the ‘winner’ images are just very clear! We get the proofs to you, via email or our online proofing system, within approximately two weeks of the session. Images remain in the proofing system for several weeks, allowing you time to review and make your selection.

Final photographs

When you have made your selection, we do further post-processing on the images, getting them to a ‘final’ version. These are then used as the basis for your print order and your keepsake CD.

Approach to processing / “Photoshopping”

Professional photographers have always worked on their images to generate the final product they wanted. With film photography, this was done in the dark room. With digital photography, the process is done on a computer, but the overall goal is the same. Today, the time spent working on the image between the photoshoot and the print lab is tremendous, but this is part of creating a beautiful, flawless final product. We are happy to take direction from you, but our overall style is to create the most natural, true images, with little recolouring or obvious retouching. We want to bring out the beauty and essence of our subjects, not create it through software.

That said, particularly with newborns, there are often many little adjustments that need to be done — touching up the flakes around their eyes, adjusting the colour tones in their skin, etc. These are things we don’t see when we look directly at someone, because we look beyond it — but the camera does not. We make the final images reflect what we saw, ensuring they remain entirely natural and authentic in appearance.