"From the fabulous studio to the toys, trinkets, and patience ... a wonderful experience."

photo sessions

Before the session 

We aim to make the whole process both simple and fun, which starts with you understanding the process from the time we confirm your shoot through to when we deliver the final photographs to you; and with us fully understanding your needs and aspirations.

We will have a call or meeting before the shoot, to review the process and for you to ask any questions. We’ll discuss your needs and goals, to ensure the actual shoot is smooth and efficient, in line with your expectations. Depending on the nature of the shoot, we’ll also talk about wardrobe, locations, permits, etc., so that all the ‘admin’ for the day has been fully sorted. This means that on the day itself, we can just focus on the fun part of the shoot!


Sessions most often take place in your home, a familiar environment to ensure we get the most natural and relaxed photographs of you and your family. We bring all the props and equipment to create a mini studio -- and with years of experience, we know exactly what kit we need and how to use the light, even in the smallest of spaces. We are also more than happy to shoot on location, particularly during the summer months, or to use commercial studios particularly for the maternity shoots.

We are based in Central London, in Kensington and Chelsea, and regularly work with clients across London and the Southeast.


Photo sessions vary in length, but are usually around 2 hours for maternity, families or young children and 4 hours for newborns. However, we will take the time we need to get the right shots, and so we don’t book multiple shoots in one day — we want everyone to feel relaxed and to know that there is no time pressure. This is particularly important when it comes to children and newborns, since ultimately, they determine when and for how long we can shoot, and so everything will be designed around their needs.