Deidre Sorensen is a London UK based photographer. She specialises in maternity, newborn, and baby photography in her Kensington & Chelsea portrait studio.

Double take

June 9, 2014

From our archives: originally published on 17 December 2012

Recently we had the chance to take newborn photos of a little girl whose older brother we had photographed almost exactly two years earlier. They were so alike in how they posed and their expressions.

We’ve now done some gorgeous prints for the family’s new London home, and we’re looking forward to seeing them once they’re hanging on the wall.

These two images were mounted on aluminium with a matte laminate on top, giving them a very modern and clean finish — I love how the matte laminate completes them so well. The composition of these two shots also works so well for them to be hung next to each other. Lovely…

Newborn baby curled up on its side, sleeping on a brown and cream fabric, legs crossed, with one arm beneath its head

© 2013 Studio Deidre / Deidre Sorensen, London

Newborn baby curled up asleep on its side, lying on a cream fabric, wrapped in a mint green blanket

© 2013 Studio Deidre / Deidre Sorensen, London


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