Deidre Sorensen is a London UK based photographer. She specialises in maternity, newborn, and baby photography in her Kensington & Chelsea portrait studio.

Red, white, and blue (for our American friends)

July 4, 2014

From our archives: originally published 30 May 2012

New maternity photographs being added today to our pregnancy gallery.

I love the deep rich tones of the blue fabric and the dark red backdrop.  The backdrop was actually bright pink in daylight, but it became a deep red in the dark studio, producing fabulous shadows and depth in these images. The silk chiffon fabric also moves with such fluidity … just beautiful.

Pregnant woman photogarphed in profile with blue chiffon blowing over her body with dark shadows and a deep red backdrop

© 2013 Studio Deidre / Deidre Sorensen, London

Pregnant woman photographed from the head to the hips, with blue chiffon billowing across her body and out behind her, with the ends of the fabric held to her shoulders with her hands, and a deep red backdrop behind

© 2013 Studio Deidre / Deidre Sorensen, London


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