Deidre Sorensen is a London UK based photographer. She specialises in maternity, newborn, and baby photography in her Kensington & Chelsea portrait studio.

Quote of the day

July 16, 2014

Every day is a journey; and the journey itself, home.

Matsuo Bashō in Oku no Hosomichi


Baby Photography Tip #1: White balance and colour tone

July 12, 2014

I get asked about colour tone in images a lot – why do images taken at home sometimes have less than pleasing colour tones or different tones from image to image?  The answer is all about colour temperature and a feature called white balance.

What is it and why does it matter?

All sources of light emit different light, when you examine its physical properties.  Some have much shorter wavelengths and some longer.  Our eyes and brain can easily adapt to this, so we can walk from a room lit by Tungsten lights to one lit by fluorescent and not find the shift in light tone around us to be particularly noticeable … if we think about it, we can see it, but most of us don’t.  But take photographs in the two rooms and suddenly it’s more obvious.  Our cameras have eyes, but they don’t have our brains, and therefore tend to see exactly what is there.

Here is a series of images, all with different colour tones (click to enlarge).  The difference is now obvious.

mini filmstrip of six identical images of a baby with different colour tones or white balance settings

© 2013 Studio Deidre / Deidre Sorensen, London (CLICK TO ENLARGE)



Red, white, and blue (for our American friends)

July 4, 2014

From our archives: originally published 30 May 2012

New maternity photographs being added today to our pregnancy gallery.

I love the deep rich tones of the blue fabric and the dark red backdrop.  The backdrop was actually bright pink in daylight, but it became a deep red in the dark studio, producing fabulous shadows and depth in these images. The silk chiffon fabric also moves with such fluidity … just beautiful.

Pregnant woman photogarphed in profile with blue chiffon blowing over her body with dark shadows and a deep red backdrop

© 2013 Studio Deidre / Deidre Sorensen, London

Pregnant woman photographed from the head to the hips, with blue chiffon billowing across her body and out behind her, with the ends of the fabric held to her shoulders with her hands, and a deep red backdrop behind

© 2013 Studio Deidre / Deidre Sorensen, London



June 26, 2014

Newborn baby sleeping on a cream fabric, with head balanced on arms, the rest of his body hidden from sight, wearing a woolen hat with a long tail and pompom

© 2013 Studio Deidre / Deidre Sorensen, London

While I normally shoot really natural newborn images, the occasional hat can be quite adorable…




Quote of the day

June 17, 2014

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is.”

- Unknown


Happy father’s day

June 15, 2014

When you’re a new dad, every day is father’s day!

© 2013 Studio Deidre / Deidre Sorensen, London

© 2013 Studio Deidre / Deidre Sorensen, London

So often here on my blog and website, I post pictures of pregnant women, new mums, and babies … but it’s about time the dads got a turn.  So here is one from a recent shoot. I love how tiny the newborn looks — and how content.


Double take

June 9, 2014

From our archives: originally published on 17 December 2012

Recently we had the chance to take newborn photos of a little girl whose older brother we had photographed almost exactly two years earlier. They were so alike in how they posed and their expressions.

We’ve now done some gorgeous prints for the family’s new London home, and we’re looking forward to seeing them once they’re hanging on the wall.

These two images were mounted on aluminium with a matte laminate on top, giving them a very modern and clean finish — I love how the matte laminate completes them so well. The composition of these two shots also works so well for them to be hung next to each other. Lovely…

Newborn baby curled up on its side, sleeping on a brown and cream fabric, legs crossed, with one arm beneath its head

© 2013 Studio Deidre / Deidre Sorensen, London

Newborn baby curled up asleep on its side, lying on a cream fabric, wrapped in a mint green blanket

© 2013 Studio Deidre / Deidre Sorensen, London


Baby Photography Tip #2: Storing your photos

June 5, 2014

As promised, my second topic, based on questions from clients, is around storing photos.  That might not seem like a photography tip, per se, but it’s an important thing to think about.

So many of my clients have fabulous cameras at home and are either using those to get daily snaps of their children or using their phones.  Images are piling up — great little day-to-day moments — and they’ve not had a second to think through what they’re going to do with them.  Since I got asked the other day about storage, I thought I’d share what I do and what I’ve learned.  Three themes: (more…)


Little bear

May 27, 2014

From our archives: originally published 13 October 2012

Newborn baby lying on cream fabric with head and arms showing, head resting on interlocked hands, with a bear hat on his head

© 2013 Studio Deidre / Deidre Sorensen, London

Loving this recent photo too.  He’s nicknamed their little bear, so his grandmother sent a cute bear hat, which we incorporated into the photo.  I love how his little fingers curl beneath his chin.  And what adorable lips.  So precious.


Quote of the day

May 22, 2014

One’s destination is never a place, but rather a new way of looking at things.

- Henry Miller