"Deidre's dedication to perfecting her art and the passion she consistently brings is inspiring."


People say I’m a lot of things: international wanderer, eclipse-chaser, businesswoman, fashion model, traveller, photographer. All are true in their own way. I live my life driven by curiosity and a never-ending desire to learn more about and understand the world around me.

Originally from Canada, I am based in London, where I have lived for the past 8 years, the longest stop on a global path that has moved me to Southeast Asia (twice), Continental Europe and America. Alongside my global business career, I spent many years on the other side of the camera – as a fashion model – which convinced me to make my first real foray into photography.

Initially drawn to surreal landscapes of faraway places, my travel photography took me all over the world, to each continent, seeking out the newness of the horizons (and occasionally chasing eclipses). With time, my interest shifted from the places themselves to the people that live there: the human stories that hug the distant terrains. And that has brought me back to photographing people right here in London, where I now focus on families and babies, when not off in a distant land. For me, there is the same wonder in photographing a newborn baby as a faraway culture … they are all new stories to be told, and I bring the same passion and perspective to both.

- Deidre is a full member of the Association of Photographers.